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good morning, america. and breaking overnight. >> whoa. >> yosemite on fire. our reporter, just outside the national park, there on the fire line. remarkable shots from the air. more than 19,000 firefighters in more than 10 states across the west, battling these flames right now. i consider myself a survivor. my mom raised me to be strong. >> also breaking, hannah anderson speaks out. the 16-year-old revealing for the first time what really happened when she was abducted. and on the run. and the shocking allegation now from her kidnapper's sister. what do i need to do in order to not circumvent anything, follow the law. because this is ridiculous. >> caught on tape. the rising political star,
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pressing police to let his niece out of jail. he says, he was just helping out a relative in trouble. the surprising reaction from the cops. was his call for freedom an abuse of power? ♪ i'm on top of the world just plane crazy. look at this. yep. that's two 9-year-old girls standing on two planes, flying at 100 miles an hour, right into the record books. and a very good morning to you, america. we do have some news out of egypt this morning. former egyptian leader, hosni mubarak, set to be released this morning. he's going to be placed under house arrest. we'll have the latest as news develops. also coming up -- the latest out of that school
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shooting in georgia. the dramatic 911 calls that show how brave that bookkeeper was in talking that shooter down. >> and who knows how many lives may have been saved in the process. we're going to turn to the wildfires all across the west. as we mentioned, our reporter, abc's neal karlinsky, on the front line, just outside yosemite national park. good morning to you, neal. >> reporter: josh, good morning. this fire really has proven unpredictable. right now, it is burning in degree directions. but fortunately, it is not getting closer to yosemite at this point. from the air, the curtain of smoke nearly blocks out the sun. >> ready. ready. drop. >> reporter: on the ground, it is an eerie tunnel of fire and smoke. to get a sense of how hot it is. look at the burning stumps holding up the guardrails. within minutes, an example of how quickly things can change along the fire line.
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it shot up again, the flames did, and crossed the road right behind us. whoa. a chunk of tree, more than enough to seriously hurt someone, falls near our car. soon after that, another flare-up. and we're forced to back out. 16,000 acres are burning along mostly rural land near yosemite, forcing a nervous few to grab what they can and get out. >> it was frightening. because it's so unpredictable. it looked like lava coming over the tops of the hills. >> reporter: more than 50 large fires are burning right now in 10 states. but the most active is here, where firefighters warn conditions change with the wind. and fast. >> the wind is blowing this way. it's going to pick up continually here, shortly. that's why we can't stay here more than a few minutes. so, it's going to be important we get out of here. >> reporter: right now, this one is 5% contained. and firefighters say they're confident they can keep it away from more homes, if the weather cooperates today.
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lara? >> neal, thank you so much. and now, we turn to that school shooting in georgia. students returning to class this morning, as we hear for the first time the remarkable 911 call from that brave school bookkeeper, who talked the gunman down. and then, got him to give up. abc's steve osunsami is in decatur this morning with the story. steve, what amazing grace under pressure. >> reporter: good morning, lara. she is the type of educator you want watching your children. the kids are coming back this morning. 800 students who were forced to evacuate the school. those 911 tapes will clearly be used as evidence against a young man accused of holding this school hostage. >> he said to tell them to back off. he don't want the kids. he wants the police. so, back off. and what else, sir? he said he don't care if he die. he don't have nothing to live for. >> reporter: georgia police releasing the call for help from the bookkeeper in the school's front office. >> ooh, he just went outside and started shooting.
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>> reporter: police say the young man in the background, shooting and giving orders is 20-year-old michael brandon hill. the woman following them is bookkeeper antoinette tuff. >> he wants me to go on the intercom and let everybody know that he's sorry. okay? >> everybody, this is still a continuous lockdown. >> reporter: experienced negotiators said that she acted brilliantly. >> i can help you. let me talk to them and let's see if we can work it out so that you don't have to go away with them for a long time. it's going to be all right, sweetheart. i just want you to know that i love you. and i'm proud of you. that's a good thing that you're just giving up. >> reporter: as tuff told george exclusively on "gma," she promised the shooter he would be okay if he surrendered. >> i told him that if he just go ahead and surrendered, since he didn't hurt anyone, that i would stay there with him until they came. and that it was going to be okay. that we were going to get out safely. >> reporter: when he put the guns down, police came rushing
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in. >> they're coming. so, just hold on, michael. go ahead and lay down. >> stay on the ground. get on the ground. do not move. >> i've never been so scared in any day of my life. >> you did great. you did great. >> oh, god. >> reporter: police say hill was carrying an ak-47 he took from a friend's home. and say he snapped this photo before leaving for the school. they say he was carrying 500 rounds of ammunition. >> was the potential there to have another sandy hook? absolutely. >> reporter: these police reports show he's been in trouble before. arrested for threatening to shoot his own brother in the head last december. he was given three years probation. he has a history of poor mental health, according to his family. and he has a court appearance scheduled any day now. lara? >> all right. steve osunsami in decatur. that is remarkable to hear. so scared. and yet able to say i love you to get it done.
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>> an experienced hostage negotiat negotiator. amy robach in with the rest of the day's news. good morning, amy. >> good morning, lara. good morning, josh. and we begin with the crisis in egypt. that key u.s. ally on the brink of civil war. this morning, there are now new fears of violence. egypt's president of 30 years could be heading home, released from prison by the new military regime. abc's martha raddatz is in cairo with the very latest on this developing story. good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning, amy. stunning events across the region here this morning. meaning, there could be even more turmoil. this morning, hosni mubarak, egypt's former authoritarian ruler, ousted by an uprising, gets a release from prison. while his democratically-elected successor is still under detention. it was february 2011, when mass protests, the so-called arab spring, eventually forced mubarak to hand over power. mubarak ended up in prison on
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corruption and other charges. now, with the military back in power, where mubarak once served as a general, the court is allowing the 85-year-old to return home. although, under house arrest. >> that really shows that we're going through really, really bad scene right now. this is horrible. >> reporter: meanwhile, in nearby syria, a possible chemical weapons attack. heart-wrenching images of mothers, children, even infants. >> the only reasonable explanation in this case, probably some sort of chemical weapon. >> reporter: the assad government denies the use of chemical weapon, saying it is baseless. but the u.s. says it is deeply concerned. and the u.n. is sent to investigate. amy? >> all right. martha raddatz with the latest from cairo. thank you. the embattled mayor of san diego has reached a settlement in the sexual harassment lawsuit against him. it's not clear if the deal will lead to bob filner's resignation.
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but he was seen packing boxes into his car outside city hall last night. 18 women have accused the mayor of improper behavior. and a military drill in russia caught quite a few beachgoers by surprise when it went a little offcourse or let's say a lot offcourse. look at that. no one was injured remarkably when this giant hovercraft charged ashore on to a crowded beach. the paratroopers swooped in and cleared the area. the russian military says such landings are routine. and they were surprised people were on the beach. it is august, just saying. and finally, we've been hearing a lot about them lately. but we rarely ever get to see a sinkhole happen, right before our eyes. watch these trees completely disappear into a sinkhole. this is in a louisiana bayou. this video shot by local officials. and this morning, we're told the sinkhole is still active and growing. right now, there are no homes in danger. but i looked this up. 25 acres in size right now.
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and it's been growing for more than a year. it was a collapsed salt dome. that's a growing problem. to say the least. >> really scary. >> thanks, amy. we're going to turn now to the latest on the health scare for vice president joe biden's son, beau. he is said to be in great shape and expected to be discharged today from a houston cancer hospital, after undergoing a procedure there earlier this week. doctors don't know yet what's exactly wrong with beau biden. but he was admitted after becoming weak and disoriented last week. abc's chief medical editor, dr. richard besser, here with us this morning. and rich, make it clear. you haven't seen the records here. you don't know exactly what is wrong. but first, treated for a stroke. and now, at a cancer center. what does it say to you? >> initially, when you hear someone has symptoms that are like a stroke and they've had a stroke in the past, you have to think that whatever was going on before, it's happening now. but md anderson cancer center, it's one of the best in the world. it makes you think that this has
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to be related in some way to some type of a cancer. >> could certain cancers cause a stroke? >> well, if you have anything growing in your head, whether it's benign or cancerous, it causes pressure. and that pressure on your brain can cause symptoms that are exactly like what you would see in a stroke. >> is age a factor here? it was thought that he was awfully young to have suffered a stroke. >> when you hear confusion weakness, you have to take it seriously. stroke can occur. about 70,000 people under 45 will have a stroke every, single year. and they usually delay treatment because they think it only happens in the elderly. but all of the things that cause the symptoms, you need to get them checked out right away. we don't know yet what's going on here. hopefully it's nothing serious. >> he is set to be discharged. we wish him the best. rich, thanks a lot. now we turn to that stunning 911 call from a rising political star. texas lieutenant governor david dewhurst tries to get a relative out of jail. after she was arrested for what
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he calls a mistaken charge. abc's john muller has the story on whether this was a call an abuse of power? >> this is david dewhurst. i'm the lieutenant governor of the state of texas. >> reporter: david dewhurst is one of the most powerful people in texas politics. which might explain why he seemed miffed this month, when the officer on this 911 call didn't seem to know who he was. >> you don't know me. but i am, every year, the number one pick of all of the law enforcement agencies within texas. >> reporter: dewhurst was calling the allen county police, to help get his stepniece out of jail. saying she had been unfairly detained for shoplifting at a grocery store. >> apparently a bag involving $57 worth of groceries wasn't scanned. >> reporter: during the call, dewhurst was running for re-election, continues to ask how he can keep his relative out of jail. asking to speak to the sheriff or a local judge. >> can you give me the telephone number of the county judge
7:13 am
there. what do i need to do in order to not circumvent anything, follow the law. because this is -- this is ridiculous. >> this was a politician calling the local police operation, trying to get a niece released in a way that regular citizens simply could not do. it looks terrible. for texans, for voters, for anyone who watched this. >> reporter: overnight, allen county police said dewhurst, quote, did not ask for anything out of line. his spokesman saying the lieutenant governor told police to follow normal protocols and procedures. >> so, i intend to jump into this and see what can be done to prevent this very nice lady through a miscarriage of justice spend a night in jail. >> reporter: this morning, dewhurst's rivals are pouncing. saying his attempt to avoid a miscarriage of justice sounds more like a, quote, blatant abuse of power. for "good morning america," john muller, abc news, new york. >> john, thank you.
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it certainly raises some questions. we're going to turn now to the latest in the case of former new england patriots tight end aaron hernandez. he will be in court for the second time since he was arrested in june for allegedly killing a friend. and abc's linsey davis here now with the latest on new evidence that could signal even more problems. >> reporter: good morning to you, josh. abc news has learned that the former new england patriots tight end is expected to be formally indicted later today in the june killing of 27-year-old semipro football player odin lloyd. this, just as investigators look into a possible connection between the 23-year-old and another shooting. the hearing set for later today was initially scheduled as a probable cause hearing, where prosecutors would have had to explain to hernandez in open court, key pieces of their case against him, or risk the judge releasing him on bail. but if hernandez is indicted, this afternoon, prosecutors can aggressively argue he should stay in jail, despite defense objections. >> it's hard to prepare for a trial as a defense attorney with your client in custody. there's a lot of evidence to go through.
7:15 am
their biggest legal challenge, is, though circumstantial, there is a lot of evidence. >> reporter: prosecutors say surveillance video captures lloyd getting into a car with three men before his death. the footage from hernandez's home later shows the 23-year-old football star and two other men without lloyd. in screen grabs released by prosecutors, hernandez appears to be carrying a gun into the house. meantime, while investigators search for the gun used to kill lloyd, massachusetts state police say they recovered a different gun. and are investigating whether it was used in a 2012 drive-by shooting in boston that left two people dead. sources say that case also appears to be connected to hernandez. experts say, if lloyd had information about that boston shooting last year, which some reports suggest he did, prosecutors would want to know. two of hernandez's associates also face charges in this case. no word just yet if additional charges will be filed against a female cousin of hernandez and
7:16 am
his fiancee, who investigators say have both made overt attempts to hinder this investigation. >> thank you for that, linsey. we have an incredible story next about strength and survival. a young girl from arkansas battling a brain infection. the disease extremely rare and almost always fatal. only two people have ever survived it. but this morning, it looks like she may be the third. kali hardig hasn't just beaten the odds. this morning, it appears she's rewritten them. >> kali looked at me. and she goes, in that sweet little voice, hi, momma. and it was the most beautiful words i've ever heard. i mean, tears just started streaming down my face. >> reporter: the 12-year-old arkansas girl was raced to the hospital last month after contracting a rare meningitis caused by a brain-eating amoeba. at the time, doctors weren't optimistic. of the more than 100 reported
7:17 am
cases since the 1960s, only 2 people have survived. hardig's mother told "gma" in july, she changed those numbers. >> we want everyone to pray for her. to be the number three survivor. so, that's what we're hoping for. kali to be number three. >> reporter: this morning, it appears she is. >> she is up to taking a few steps. she's starting to be able to swallow. she's been saying a few words. >> reporter: in a room filled with tokens of love and well-wishes, her mother says hardig is smiling once again. >> now, we're just asking for prayers on her rehab, that she can come back and be just her healthy self, like she was before this ever happened. >> reporter: and while doctors say hardig still has more rehab ahead, her mother is optimistic that her miraculous daughter will one day be back at the hospital, helping others. >> we'll be a lot of giving and a lot of returning prayers that we've received. so, we've got big plans for kali. >> now, it's believed that kali actually got the amoeba while
7:18 am
swimming in a lake at a water park in little rock. that park closed in july after kali got sick. but she's come so far in such a small amount of time. >> beating the odds. >> incredible. >> i love the smile. wishing her all the best. thank you, amy. and ginger zee is in, now, for weather. what's going on out there? >> listen, red flag warnings everywhere out in the west. we have been talking about wildfires all week. it's not going to be something we stop talking about because they have the red flag warnings. it's all due to lightning that's coming onshore. thunderstorms sound like a good thing. and in some ways they are. but boy, when you have 51 large fires burning in the western states here. that's up big-time, from the beginning of the week when we only had 35. the conditions improve slightly when the humidity comes on with the low pressure system that's come onshore. remember, that comes with gusty winds and lightning when you get thunderstorms. that's kind of a tale of two things. that high pressure system moving off to the east.
7:19 am
what a difference the side of the country makes. look at how wet still in the southeast. that's starting to push up in the northeast. squeezing together with the cold front. new york city, boston, all in line for some thunderstorms or at least showers today.
7:20 am
>> dallas, right there at 98 today. not the only hot number that i'll be showing you coming up in the next half hour. >> what a difference. the two sides of the country. coming up here, hannah anderson speaks out for the first time about her kidnapping ordeal. the 16-year-old revealing what really happened when she was taken. also, "the good wife's" real-life battle. why actress julianna margulies could be headed for a courtroom showdown. and an incredible stunt. two 9-year-old girls on two planes going 100 miles an hour. meet the wing-walking whiz kids. >> better women than i. and an innovative new way to get your daily dose of caffeine. why can't we just drink it, you ask. i have no idea. people are spraying it on. why, you ask.
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no word on the circumstances" one person was hit. they are blocking off the intersection during the investigation. >> that area in san francisco is shut down that you just mentioned. we've got surface streets of westbound turk and mason and taylor, golden gate, avoid that area. big delays, past oak. it's going to take a couple of hours for them to get a huge tow truck to unload the entire contents of this. expect delays. you might want to use 580. eric. >> thank you very much.
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we're off to a great start. temperatures from 56 in santa rosa to 61 in fremont, san jose and san carlos. lets talk about what's going to happen this afternoon. clouds will peel back to the coast, partly sunny, the rest willen mostly sunny. our temperatures will be about 2 to 6 degrees cooler than they should be for this time of the year. if you're heading to the game, only one game in town tonight. peersey coming into play, giants. here is
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in the beginning, i was a victim. but now, knowing everyone out there is helping me, i consider myself a survivor instead. my mom raised me to be strong. >> that is hannah anderson, speaking for the first time on camera about what happened when she was kidnapped. and the new allegations, now, from her abductor. -- abductor's sister. >> a lot to get to there. and drama nor the star of "the good wife." julianna margulies going head-to-head with the managers who are making claims on her money. and then the wing-walking whiz kids. they are the 9-year-olds doing a daring stunt at 100 miles per hour. you will meet them. look at them. that's all coming up in just moments. >> officially, the bravest two people i know.
7:31 am
we're going to turn to hannah anderson, speaking for the first time about her kidnapping ordeal. saying, she wants to set the record straight about her relationship with her kidnapper. and abc's ryan owens has the latest. >> the phone calls weren't phone calls. they were texts because he was picking me up from cheer camp. and he didn't know the address or like where i was. so, i had to tell him the address. and tell him that i was going to be in the gym and not in front of the school, just so he knew where to come get me. in the letters, were from like a year ago when me and my mom weren't getting along very well. we would talk about how i could deal with it. and i told him how i felt about it. they weren't anything bad. they were just to help me through tough times. >> reporter: hannah anderson has appeared publicly at two fund-raisers since her kidnapping. but this is the first time she's spoken out about her ordeal.
7:32 am
the 16-year-old sat down with "dateline nbc's" dennis murphy. >> in the beginning, i was a victim, but now, knowing everyone out there is helping me, i consider myself a survivor instead. my mom raised me to be strong. >> reporter: this morning, the young survivor is having to deal with what some would consider even more bizarre allegations, from the sister of her kidnapper, james dimaggio. >> he viewed both of those children as if they were his own. >> reporter: that's what laura dimaggio told us in an exclusive interview when her brother was on the run. now, she's going a whole lot further. telling other media outlets, she thinks her dead brother could be hannah's father. >> he took care of them as if they were his own. >> reporter: laura dimaggio says she may want to test hannah's dna to prove it. she claims her brother may have fathered hannah's 8-year-old brother, ethan, who police say he killed along with hannah's
7:33 am
mother, before rigging his house to catch fire with their bodies inside. dimaggio left money to hannah's paternal grandmother. >> as for my daughter, the healing process will be slow. >> reporter: brett anderson insists he's hannah's real dad. and while he was best friends with the man who kidnapped his daughter, a family spokesperson says that he nor hannah's mom met james dimaggio, until she was six months pregnant with hannah. also, the spokesperson points out brett anderson's dna was used to identify the remains of his son, ethan. for "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, los angeles. now, we turn to the star of "the good wife," julianna margulies. she's in a monster court battle that's pitting her against her former manager. it's all about commissions. when you're a star of her magnitude, the percentage points can add up to millions. abc's rebecca jarvis has the story.
7:34 am
>> objection, your honor. >> on what grounds? >> reporter: taking on the role of a high-powered chicago attorney, for cbs' "the good wife," relaunched julianna margulies' career. >> i suggest you stop asking invasive and irrelevant questions. >> reporter: making her one of hollywood's top actresses. but now, the managers who say they helped her land it are putting margulies front and center in a real-life courtroom battle. claiming she's cutting them out of millions of dollars in fees. >> there are potentially millions of dollars on the line for her. and the potential embarrassment that comes with going to trial. >> reporter: margulies, who reportedly earns $180,000 per episode, says she fired those managers in april 2011. in court documents, margulies calls her former agent and manager an embarrassment. but the agency disagrees. telling a judge they worked hard
7:35 am
to land margulies her "good wife" role, and a lucrative endorsement deal with l'oreal, paris. now, a judge says the two sides can take their war of words and battle it out in court. >> it's incredibly rare to have a dispute with a star as big as julianna go to trial. >> reporter: but the attorney fights that no agreement was necessary. >> all actors, especially experienced actors, who have been in the business, understand and acknowledge their obligation to pay their managers post-termination commissions. >> reporter: margulies' attorney tells abc news that no specific agreement was ever made to continue paying the managers after their termination. >> they admit that ms. margulies never promised them, orally or in writing, to make such payments. >> reporter: the two sides are scheduled for mediation on monday. margulies' attorney says he is optimistic all of this can be settled in mediation.
7:36 am
that would be outside of a courtroom. if they can't come to an agreement by next week, margulies faces a court date this january. extremely rare you see someone at this level face that public of a court date. >> life imitating art at the highest level. hope they work it out. we're going to turn, now, to those two wing walkers we've been showing you. two 9-year-olds. rose powell and flame brewer, going to great lengths to raise awareness for muscular dystrophy, a disease that affects their very close friend. their recent flight is just one for the record books. abc's gio benitez has this remarkable story. >> reporter: it's not something you see every day. two planes, whizzing by, just a few hundred feet above the ground. but take a closer look. what makes this absolutely incredible is that standing atop those planes are two 9-year-old girls. now, the world's youngest
7:37 am
wing-walkers. and this, a flight for the record books. >> i'm getting really excited now. >> reporter: the stunt was their idea to raise awareness for muscular dystrophy. and the pilot, none other than their grandfather. >> they're in special little seats up there. they're well strapped in with a five-point harness. i think they'll be fine. >> reporter: wing walking is not without serious risks, even for seasoned professionals. just last year, jane whitford, the 44-year-old mother of two, died in a fiery crash, performing a routine maneuver at an air show in dayton, ohio. but these brave girls were clearly having the time of their life. >> it was amazing. >> it was really cool. >> it was really cool how you could see all the little houses. >> weren't you terrified? >> no. >> i was a little at the takeoff. but once i was in the air, i just had loads of fun. >> reporter: for "good morning america," gio benitez, abc news, new york. >> i would have been terrified.
7:38 am
i'm terrified right now for them. >> i am, too. >> i need a seat belt in the plane. >> six feet off the ground is plenty for me. ginger, again, this map it really doesn't matter where we see it. red, red, red. >> red, messy. that's what we're going to have. we want to talk about the hazy, hot and humid conditions. yesterday, new york city was 90 for the first time in over a month. today, you have washington, d.c., starting, you can see right there, looking very much the same. close to 90. but scattered thunderstorms will work their way through. right here in new york, too. so,, a very stormy, august-like day we're going to see. atlanta, 88. 93, memphis. midland at 93. it's not going to last forever. the northeast is going to get a cold front. boston goes from near-90 today to 76 by the time we start the weekend. new york city flips below 80 degrees on saturday. washington, d.c. will end up in
7:39 am
the low 80s. we go from above average to belo good morning, i'm mike nicco. a more normal flow around the bay area. no thunderstorms, no fire threat. temperatures running from 89 inland to 63 at the coast. we have wa >> this weather report, brought to you by chico's. a little shot of august. i love it. >> looking forward to the september stuff. >> you can have my muggy. >> i'll take it. still to come, dr. phil now under fire. the tweet that has sparked so much outrage, focused on his show. and then, the model who lost 70 pounds with strict diet and exercise. proudly posting her before and after shots. why she says a diet company stole her photos without her permission. e her at chico's we're famous for our so slimming jeans.
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we're back, now, at 7:43, with dr. phil, who is sparking quite a lot of outrage about a tweet about sex and alcohol. the message was in the form of a question. one that a lot of people say he should never have asked. abc's paula faris has the story. >> listen to me talk. >> reporter: dr. been tackling tough topics on his self-titled tv program for more than a decade.
7:44 am
>> that's offensive to me. and that's offensive to my staff. >> reporter: but this morning, the no nonsense talk show host is finding himself in the hot seat after he sent out this tweet on tuesday. if a girl is drunk, is it okay to have sex with her? reply yes or no, to @drphil. one twitter user lashing back. tweeting, by law, when alcohol is a factor, no one can consent. don't know what's happening to y you. it's rape, period. another tweeted, telling @dr. phil, should you, open to debate. it opened up what dr. phil is calling the ill advised tweet. and in a statement to abc news, says, this tweet was intended to evoke discussion, lead into a very serious show topic, based upon a recent news story. hence the #teensaccused label.
7:45 am
that's supposed to be part of an upcoming episode when the new season starts september 1st. >> i don't think anyone should be punished for tweeting out something that relates to a show. this one was done with a little less sensitivity than dr. phil and his team are known for. and it caused people's eyebrows to raise. >> reporter: but carmen rios, a sexual assault activist says simply deleting the tweet, is not enough. she launched a petition against dr. phil's show. >> i would love if dr. phil took on the issue of rape and sexual assault, from the standpoint of how we can start to solve the ongoing epidemic of assault, rather than focusing on what is or isn't rape. >> reporter: for "good morning america," paula faris, abc news, new york. >> i think it'sjkó fair to say it was something of an unfortunate tweet. >> you have to be careful with social media. coming up on "good morning america," backstage with the hottest band on the planet right now. we have exclusive access with
7:46 am
the wanted, one day before they're with us, live, for our "gma" party in the park. >> should be a good one. and we have a "play of the day" for you. if you lost one of these, maybe the answer lies on instagram. go nowhere. is that first day. everyone'll be stylin' their faves. love that. anyway, what's your first day strategy? this weekend buy more and save more with your jcpenney coupon. come find your first day look. at jcpenney.
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7:51 am
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developing news a fierce wildfire out of control near yosemite national park is expanding. the rim fire has now burned more than 53,000 acres of the stanislas national forest while detainment decreased 2%. advisories in effect. the fire is threatening 2500 homes near groveland and highway 20 is still closed. mike nicco here with the forecast. >> pretty poor air quality, going to be smoke. sunshine just about everywhere
7:57 am
noon, partly sunny to the coast mid-60s san francisco, low- to mid-70s. warmest inland, warmer tomorrow but a cooling trend on the way for the weekend. >> thanks, mike. we have a sig alert for the big rig stalled in oakland. still there blocking the left lane. it is loaded with 60,000 pounds of gravel. they have got to get a crew in there to get that g
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ i just met you [ cheers and applause ] while lara turns to her thesaurus, to work out a problem, we welcome you. "deals & steals." tory johnson waving that admittedly fake money at you. we're going to save you some real money. all those "deals & steals." she's bringing everything under $10. get ready to logon and buy, buy, buy. >> and we're so glad to have you back. no pun intended. ding. josh has been out, as you may know, with a bad back all week. i'd give you a hug, but you'd cry.
8:01 am
>> turns out, the back is important. >> yeah. and thank you for coming in. >> you bet. >> we have a very cute picture. sam is also out recuperating with josh. they tweeted this out. "gma" clinic and spa. the two of them. a hot towel on sam's face. >> sam had a minor procedure. and he could guide your sled tonight. we'll leave it at that. it was a terrific. >> it was nice to see you two taking care of one another. that was cute. >> friends helping friends. we also have a good story to tell you about coming up. the mom who lost 70 pounds the old-fashioned way with a strict diet and exercise. she proudly posted her before and after shots. here's what's not so good. she said a diet company stole the photos and then used them to sell their products. also, i would say put down your coffee. but don't. apparently, there's a new energy boosting trend.
8:02 am
sprayable caffeine. it is safe. i don't know if the question is safety. i enjoy that first sip. how the day starts. we'll be talking about that. we turn to amy with the top, developing stories this morning. >> good morning, everyone. we begin with the wildfires that are scorching land across the west. right now, there are more than 50 major fires burning in 10 states. but the most active one, burning right outside yosemite national park. strong, unpredictable winds are blowing the flames in three directions. so far, more than 25-square miles has been scorched. and luckily, it's only caused minimal property damage. breaking overseas, hosni mubarak is out of a cairo prison. a waiting helicopter taking him to begin his house arrest. his release could reignite the deadly rioting. closer to home,
8:03 am
the german tourist who was attacked by a shark off the coast of hawaii has died. she was snorkeling off the island of maui when a shark bit off her arm. hawaiian officials plan to study and track the movements of tiger sharks around maui. and surgery today for jason heyward of the atlanta braves, after being hit by that pitch against the mets. his jaw was broken in two places. they have to see how today's operation goes before he will be back. >> they thought his helmet got it. >> we certainly wish him the best. we'll give you an update on his condition. an eye-popping survey for all of those who carefully consider what to give a bride and a groom. a british card company finds that 82% of newlyweds admit selling some of their wedding gifts on the internet. there is such a thing as too many crystal vases, people. i'm just saying that. and finally, when you thought it was safe to cut loose
8:04 am
at the gym, someone goes and puts it on youtube. this guy in boston, rocking out on the elliptical machine. there he goes. he's experiencing that music. oh, yeah. now, of course, the world is seeing it. 60,000 views so far. oh, wow. with moves like that, maybe we should see more. i'm inspired. are there cell phones in the gym? >> that looked painful. i'm not going to lie. hey, a little "pop news." to your right. this is a little uncomfortable. we're going to get through it. we begin with kelly clarkson and her fiance country music manager brandon blackstock. they sent the save the date cards. they're still tying the knot. they're just doing it alone. between both of their busy schedules, eloping is the right call. they told friends they're going to have a small ceremony with just the minister and their kids. and then, a stock the bar party. i love this idea. all the wedding guests bring a bottle of their favorite booze.
8:05 am
that's the gift that keeps on giving. >> that's for sure. >> so, congratulations to them. and here's a new study. to make a lot of money, you need to make a lot of -- what do i say here? we've been trying to figure out what the right way to say it is this morning. a study by germany's labor, that people who have sex four times a week, make more money than those who don't. the study concluded that people need love. oh, my gosh, i'm looking at our executive producer. he's in a flop sweat. it's a real study. >> so -- for 15 minutes we puzzled over what to say, other than that word. >> i'm not going to go through the list. >> i might have gone with whoopee. >> the idea is that people need to be loved. and that can hurt their work life. tom, you can stop sweating now. i'm moving on.
8:06 am
and finally in "pop news," two cats making headlines today. first, there's morris the cat burglar. he's been caught stealing so many things that his owners had to issue apology notes. so far they have been reunite owners with a towel set, that little cat burglar. he has been spotted going through doors and windows, looking for loot. then, there's buddha, who is almost 32 pounds. considered obese at an animal shelter that took her in. now, they have her on a fat cat diet. and they have her doing underwater treadmill. described as looking like a giant pillow, buddha is now on track to lose over a pound a week. >> buddha does not like the water. >> those are meows of love. >> nope. nope. >> we wish buddha the best.
8:07 am
we would like morris to stop it. i won't talk about the study, tom. one last story trending this morning. a big congratulations to our ginger zee. ginger zee. officially off the market. ginger got engaged to wnbc's bennie aaron. can i tell the story. >> ben proposed at lincoln center. at the mountain where you had your first date. and he put the ring in what you thought was a container of banana pudding. >> that's right. i thought it was a banana pudding meeting. we have those a lot. >> how did you find it? >> it wasn't in the banana pudding. he didn't have any banana pudding. i didn't open it for five minutes. i just sat there crying. >> mazel. >> congratulations. >> i really feel that way. can you get through weather? >> i got the shaking and the crying over with yesterday.
8:08 am
now, it's all normal. let's get right to it. and let's talk about what we had to do out west. all of the fires. some good news that the humidity will be up and there will be showers, thunderstorms. that's going to give you a little more rain. that's the next 24-hour rain. it's not too much. but every bit does help. and in the east, where we don't necessarily need it. but it's certainly going to feel more summer-like, around the cold front. you get thunderstorms and cooler air right behind. i'll leave you with a look
8:09 am
>> thank you, guys, so much. i don't know what to say about weather anymore. >> that's great. >> thank you. >> congratulations. and here's a look at what else is coming up on our "gma morning menu" -- the mom who said her weight loss pictures were stolen by a diet company. and can caffeine spray give you the same boost as a cup of joe? >> no. >> i don't know. we're going to find out. and also, under pressure. why some working women are turning to plastic surgery to get ahead on the job. plus, "deals & steals." these are big. so, don't go anywhere. "good morning america" from times square, coming up. plus, "deals & steals." these are big. "college gameday" from times square, coming up. goglossophobia, is the fear of public speaking. ♪
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[ cheers and applause ] after dark. which makes it morning. good morning to you, america. a happy crowd waving their dollar bills. we're going to go outside and save some cash in moments. but we're inside with the "heat index." we're going to start here with a woman who says a diet company stole her personal weight loss photos to sell its products, turning her before and after shots into ads. she's fighting back. and abc's reena ninan has the story. >> reporter: ronny nunn went from extra large to medium. trying everything. >> i did the grapefruit diet. i did atkins, and low-carb. fasting and the cabbage soup diet.
8:15 am
>> reporter: ultimately losing 75 pounds the old-fashioned way, diet and exercise. >> i started a blog. and i committed to journaling my thoughts and feelings, regardless if i was losing or gaining. >> reporter: posting a photo of herself on her website every month to document the transformation. she was shocked when her photos were used to promote diet products. in one ad, called jess. this ad claims the weight that took a full year to lose came off in just 30 days. >> it's scary to think that someone would try to sell something that has no grain of truth. >> reporter: internet security experts say this isn't an isolated case. even kate middleton's images were used without her consent to plug diet products. >> it's not just the princesses of the world or the famous celebrities of the world. you're going to find that people are doing this to the commonfolk like ourselves. >> reporter: ronny has had difficulty tracking down the companies using her images. a mailing address abc news found for one of them, turned out to
8:16 am
be a p.o. box in pompano beach, florida. ronny has sent cease and desist letters to the e-mail addresses she obtained. >> it's taken down for 24 hours. then it pops up somewhere else. >> reporter: she is asking people to repost her weight loss story. and reminding everyone -- >> i just don't think it's possible to sell weight loss in a bottle. >> all of that hard work. >> congratulations to her. >> right, absolutely. also on our "gma heat index," we've been talking about this all morning long. would you consider trading in your cup of coffee for a spray-on caffeine? >> no. >> no. >> and why do you have to choose in life? this is interesting. two young inventors have come up with this aerosol. you spritz it on like perfume. and it has advantages for people on the go. abc's juju chang has our story. >> why do you feel so tired? >> reporter: judging from these ads, we're a nation of people in need of a jolt.
8:17 am
caffeine lovers, pick your favorite pick-me-up. >> what are you drinking? >> reporter: your morning coffee. your midday brewster. it's usually in the form of a drink, or maybe a pill. but now, two innovators have a new approach. >> sprayible is a revolutionary new way to get your energy. >> reporter: they are the brains behind the potential product. spray-on caffeine, absorbed through the skin. >> in coffee energy drinks, you get all of the caffeine at once. and then, it just leaves your system. >> reporter: according to the makers, each bottle would contain 160 sprays. each pump equal to a quarter cup of coffee. that's 40 cups of coffee per bottle. >> you can carry it in your pocket. leave one in your car, on your desk. and get the energy you want anytime. >> this is, in medication, in some sense, that can have more serious consequences. >> reporter: in the end, it may come down to one thing -- will people like gene trade in his
8:18 am
four cups a day habit for a spritz? >> i don't think i would need more caffeine. it is a ritual. and the heat of the coffee and the way it tastes. >> reporter: you're an addict. >> aren't we all? >> reporter: yes. but if you've sworn off coffee. if you could get caffeine with a spray, that would be ideal for you. >> absolutely. absolutely. i would give it a shot. a squirt, anyway. >> reporter: for "good morning america," juju chang, abc news, new york. >> time to wake up and smell the aerosol. let's bring in our abc's medical contributor, dr. jennifer ashton. caffeine, water and an amino acid derivative. but no regulation from the fda. no approval. >> that's one of the concerns. we have to remember, caffeine is a drug. it is the most commonly used drug in the world. so, i don't care how you get it. whether you snort it, drink it, put it on your skin, breathe it in the air, it can have toxicity.
8:19 am
you talk about how much you're using, how big the person is. when you talk about skin delivery, where you put it on on your body will have different rates of absorption. one of our crew guys said. how are you going to add the half and half and the sugar? >> they haven't figured it out. >> i love the ritual of the coffee. for so many of us, certainly here. the makers of the product claim it is safer than energy drinks because there's no calories and a lot less caffeine. and it's good for people who get jittery. >> you can get just as jittery if you put enough of this on, first of all. and the claims about its safety, we can't evaluate that. it hasn't been studied head-to-head. and we don't have long-term data. we probably remember of some of the teenagers that died using that muscle rub. anything that you put on your skin, can be absorbed into your bloodstream. the skin is the largest organ system in the body. >> technology is a wonderful thing. >> i agree that -- >> yeah. you could do this. but why? >> why? >> absolutely. >> we do like to drink that cup
8:20 am
of coffee. i'm going to work on inventions to pump through the heat and air conditioning. >> the aroma. >> thank you, dr. jen. also on the "heat index," working women who say they need plastic surgery to compete in a world where youth and beauty are prized. some women going to extraordinary lengths just to keep their jobs, they say. abc's rebecca jarvis has the story. >> reporter: bombarded with the images of youth and beauty, many working women feel the pressure to match the freshness of anne hathaway in "the devil wears prada." with the experience, of a pro. >> i think that depends on what you're -- >> no, no. it wasn't a question. >> reporter: but those traits don't necessarily go hand in hand. now, a new generation of women are embracing early middle age. making those foreheads and overplump lips of "the first
8:21 am
wives club" a thing of the past. >> those lips, are they wax? >> excuse me. >> reporter: looking a vibrant 40, or at least freezing what you've got. who is coming into your office? >> i've seen a lot of professional women who are in their 40s and 50s, who want to stay competitive in the job force and not be perceived as being too old. >> reporter: today, patients of new york plastic surgeon sharon giese, are opting for injections over surgery. many are women who say their jobs depend on it. like patient suzanne armstrong. a 47-year-old actress and real estate agent who wants to look the healthiest middle age she can. >> it's okay if i have wrinkles. i just would like to look healthy. >> i'm trying to portray myself as being young but yet very experienced. it's complicated in the workplace that you're judged by how you look. versus what you're about -- able
8:22 am
to do. >> reporter: she has been getting botox since she was 30 to stave off a wrinkled forehead. and her care has paid off. you can see from this photo taken ten years ago, that she's almost stopped the aging process. middle aged has never looked so good. for "good morning america," rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. [ cheers and applause ] you can see the audience waving tory dollars. those are $10, because that's all you spend. everything in today's "deals & steals" can be had for 10 tory dollars or less. let's remind everybody. go to on yahoo! for all of the promo codes and the links. you know this. this stuff goes fast because of the great deals. may i? >> please do, baby. first one. this is -- they have over 7,000 t-shirts to be able to choose from. and there's fun, funky designs. from cookie monster.
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"duck dynasty" there. there's literally 7,000 t-shirts. and a huge range of sizes, as well, normally $20 to $22. these are slashed by at least 50%. free shipping, as well. free shipping, as well. >> all right. >> all right. brush buddies. today happens to be national tooth fairy day. keeping with that theme, these are little brush buddies. you push the belly. you take this off. helps kids to realize that brushing your teeth is a lot of fun. there's a gaga one. there's a bunch of different artists that sing for two minutes. that's the recommended length of time. normally, $5 to $10. depending on what set you choose. these are also slashed by 50%, starting at $2.50. >> deal number three. >> this is really, really fun. i'm going to show you a sample here, instead.
8:24 am
it is a pillowcase. it's a hoodie pillowcase. >> can i show everybody? this is a hoodie pillowcase. >> lay your head down right here. >> yeah. >> so, imagine you're in your dorm room. and earphones. >> right. your ipod or your device goes in here. imagine you're in a dorm room, right? or on an airplane. and the pillows aren't included. the hoodie is normally $25. slashed by 60%. 10 bucks. a really fun company. big bags like this. and also, big selection of zipper cases for cosmetics. pens and pencils, back to school. >> they're so cute.
8:25 am
>> big assortment at our website. normally $10 to $15. they are slashed in half. starting at just 5 bucks. >> wow. >> last but not least. i love this company. it is called cool gear. i think one of my favorite products they have is this. it's a water bottle. but you get to infuse your own water. you put fruit or lemon. don't make that face. you would love that. >> i do love that. >> put it in there. >> all right. lunch totes, this ranges have $8 to 16. these also are 50 .office. starting at just 4 bucks. you can't beat that. and an exclusive on "gma live!" >> right after "good morning america." >> we'd like to thank all of the companies who provided these products. again, get on there. on yahoo! to get the codes and the links for the bargains, plus the special deal you mentioned. >> 10 bucks and under.
8:26 am
>> come on. >> i have to go warm up. venus williams is here. and we're going to play. and also, exclusive backstage with the wanted, one day before they're with us.
8:27 am
good morning, i'm eric thomas. new details this morning involving a large marijuana grow in hayward discovered when firefighters responded to a house fire. neighbors called the fire department around 7:30 last night when they saw smoke coming from the garage. no one was home so crews forced their way in. they put out the fire and found the three-bedroom house filled with about 200 pot plants. you could see some of them in the garage. investigators believe arcing wires from an overloaded electric meter started the fire. authorities are confiscating the plants and looking for people growing them. an update on the thursday morning commute. here is sue hall. >> good morning. we do have a situation with a sig alert in oakland on oak, big rig off to the shoulder. it is carrying 60,000 pounds of
8:28 am
gravel. they need to remove that gravel. major delays at this time, atmosphere least another couple hours. use 580 if you can. on the san mateo bridge, an accident on the highrise coming down into the foster city area. you can see traffic here is not as bad but be prepared for delays. eric. >> sue, thank you very
8:29 am
good morning. temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s.
8:30 am
you can see the clouds are thinner outside. but because of the strong sea breeze, temperatures will be 2 good morning, america. >> there they are. there they are, the wanted. not them. the guys we just saw. we say good morning to all of you. we're going backstage, exclusively, with the wanted. one of the hot bands on the planet, just a day before they join us a little north of here at the party in central park continues. these kids are living a charmed life. >> yeah. this is going to be a big one. you do not want to miss that. we love love. we want to congratulate ginger zee, who got engaged. what could be more romantic than "romeo and juliet"?
8:31 am
we have it with a modern twist. orlando bloom and rashad joining us to dish on their new broadway show is hot. did you say somethi love? how about love-love, tennis superstar venus williams is here. and guess who she is going to be matched up against. lara v. venus. can't wait for that. >> i'm going to go warm up. come with me. as we go backstage with the wanted, i want to check this box. you are now on "good morning america." thank you for coming out. one of the great bands in the world right now, the wanted. they're going to be live in fewer than 24 hours. they took us behind the scenes of one of their concerts. first, take a look. one of the hottest bands in the world. everybody has a favorite member. >> i like nathan. >> jay. >> and i love max. >> they're cute.
8:32 am
♪ standing in the line >> siva because he's evil. >> tom because he's so hot. ♪ >> reporter: everyone has a favorite song. >> "we own the night." ♪ we own the night >> "facing the sun." >> "i found you." >> reporter: before they come to central park on friday, the wanted want you to be their personal deejay. >> hi, we're the wanted. >> we can't wait to see you tomorrow. >> go to to vote for your favorite songs. one of three we're going to perform tomorrow. >> you can vote for "i found you." >> "chasing the sun." >> or you can vote for "all time love." >> we will see you very, very
8:33 am
soon. bye. >> reporter: don't let the boys down. and remember, vote. you'll be glad you did. you can choose one of the songs they will sing tomorrow. here again on your choices. "chasing the sun." or "all time low." which will it be? we'll find out in fewer than 24 hours. and be sure to join us tomorrow for our party in the park. time for a party on the court inside. oh, lara? >> very excited to be joined by tennis star, venus williams. she's in town for the u.s. open, which starts on monday. first, we're going to play a little bit of minitennis here. be gentle. >> i'll try. >> i'm going to try to distract
8:34 am
you with the conversation, while i take you down. let's talk about the open. you won in the past. what is it like, this experience and this event, for you? >> for us, american players, this is huge. this is the last major of the year. and it's in the u.s. it's huge. all of us are on our best game. i can't wait for monday. >> and your sis are number one ranked. >> we're playing doubles. and that's been so important for us throughout our career. we played so many titles together. so, it's kind of like girl power, sister power. >> when you're out there, do you communicate? or do you not need to anymore? >> we do. the first time we played, we didn't. but after we lost, we realized, we need to talk during the match. >> even the williams sisters. there's been talk of you maybe slowing down. do you have anything to say about that? >> there hasn't been talk. i don't know where you got that from. >> this is what they say. ask her whether or not she's interested in slowing down. wñ
8:35 am
not. so, it's all cleared up. >> let's make that -- now, i'm really going to get the heat. moet gave us this little court. i want to talk about all of the things you do in your life.séla like 11 fitness journey. >> well, 11 is my clothing line. this is our current season. i'm going to be wearing this on the court, as well. this print. and fitness journeys is about being comfortable about what you put in your body. and the journey of fitness through a lifetime. not the one day that you're being good. so, it's kind of talking. talking and walking the walk, by being serious about what you put in your body. and our website launches on september 5th. >> a tennis line with serious flair. how do you balance it all? between the working out, the clothing designings. >> i take the weekends off when i'm not playing a semi or a
8:36 am
final. >> gary, if you would do the honors. why don't you start. show them what you're going to give them at the u.s. open. >> she put it in the air. ooh. >> 1-0. i didn't have my regular warm-up. you're quite good, actually. >> did everybody just hear that? one more. ready? >> it's a tie. >> when you're out there, u.s. open, what are you thinking? when you're playing someone as aggressive and powerful as myself? >> i just usually, you know, realize that i just got to hang in there until you make a mistake. does that count? >> of course it does. >> is that 2-2? >> it's whatever you want it to be. i'm playing tennis with venus williams. i'm so excited. >> this is crazy. >> we want to thank -- oh, my. we want to say congratulations to you.
8:37 am
good luck at the u.s. open. and good luck to your sister. and everybody, do check out u.s. open, all of the action on espn's family of networks, starting monday, august 26th. what a joy that was. i'm kind of sweating. we'll be watching you. ginger, you're outside. you're also joined by a special guest. >> i am. lara, congratulations. good job in there. i have the star of the horror film that's up and coming p. it starts tomorrow. it's called "you're next." you were showing me. that's all of the pictures. >> you're next. >> this is a unique horror film. there's a home invasion. tell me more. >> yeah. it's very unique for a horror movie. home invasion is the genre of the horror. we're flipping it on its head. it's unusual when you see the people in the house stand up and fight for themselves. >> you see a row of people behind me with masks. >> yeah.
8:38 am
>> there's a scary one. >> yes. >> what drew you to that role? >> it's just not too common for me that i see a horror movie with a female protagonist that's not really portrayed in that overly sexualized manner. really stands up for strength. and really embodies female empowerment. that's what i was after. >> you've inspired me and so many others. thank you for being here. >> thank you. in theaters tomorrow. now, we have to talk about weather because we're going to see some thunderstorms right here in new york city. if you don't have your umbrella in the northeast, i'd grab it. look at the numbers. hot, hazy oklahoma city makes it to 95 today. 90, new orleans. atlanta ends up still in the rain at 88. good morning, i'm mike nicco. a more normal flow around the bay area. no thunderstorms, no fire
8:39 am
threat. temperatures running from 89 inland to 63 at the coast. we have warmer weather for tomorr last week, donald driver and la la anthony, told us about the give for target program. once a school gets enough votes, target will donate up to $10,000 per school. as of this morning, target has donated more than $800,000. you can vote until september 21st or until $5 million has been donated. logon to to find out more. this announcement has been sponsored by target. lara? >> thank you, ginger. the rally continues in here. we haven't dropped the ball since we left you. coming up on "good morning america," "romeo and juliet." orlando bloom and condola rashad are here to talk about their
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
[ cheers and applause ] two of hollywood's hottest young actors, orlando bloom and condola rashad, are taking on "romeo and juliet." they start this saturday. congratulations. thank you. obviously, with "romeo and
8:43 am
juliet" here, this adaptation stars an interracial couple. how faithful is this play to the original? shakespeare's original? >> it's extremely faithful. while the families are different races, that's not the reason for the feud. the way that it is in the play, the feud -- the reason for the feud has been lost in time. it's not racial. >> i understand you two clicked from the moment you met. what was that first meeting like? >> it was great. i think david is -- i had sat down to talk about doing this a couple years ago. and when i first met condola, there was an immediate connection between us. she was very funny. she delivered this one line. and i remember just cracking up. it was such a unique -- >> a comedic juliet. >> exactly. >> talking about juliet. >> it is a romantic comedy. >> it really is. >> there's so much about it
8:44 am
that's light and funny. >> i mean, it's all about romance. at the end, any intense romance scenes on the stage? >> you have to come and check that out. >> there's a lot of romance. >> lots of romance. >> a beautiful love story. >> orlando, you're$g'b making y broadway debut. in all things you could debut on broadway, you chose shakespeare. >> i know. an everest for my first time out on the climb. i am. i'm really excited. i had a go at it in los #'ange. we did a few nights. but this is really -- i wanted to jump in. i think it's a beautiful play. the story is -- it's a classic. everyone knows -- feels they know this story. but there's so much more to it. and i've loved every moment of the rehearsal. david is our director. he really knows how to -- we're now in the theater. as we're about to start
8:45 am
saturday. >> saturday night. >> it's happening saturday. >> and he has a guy on bringing a show to broadway. but also has a handle on the text. keeping the truth of that. which is so beautiful. >> you know what they say about orlando. he would never know what to say to you. since day one, when he walked into rehearsal, he's extremely good-looking, which we know he is, he's a wonderful actor. and he comes to work every day. we have a great time. and our company, who is not before you at this moment. we're so lucky to have the company that we have. >> speaking to orlando, your wife, and son, you're staying in new york. how are you enjoying things? >> i love it. it's fantastic. i love the city. it's just -- i feel so lucky to be doing -- working here and have them all here. it's great to be in one place. >> condola, you've been nominated a couple of times. >> oh, yeah. >> your mom, a tony award winning actress, felicia rashad.
8:46 am
>> has she given you advice? >> she said, be simple and honest. >> and she is. >> i'm looking forward to it. i can see the chemistry right here. any anxiety? saturday night -- >> we're ready to make out. >> you are. "romeo and juliet." thank you so much. orlando bloom and condola rashad. "romeo and juliet" begins on broadway this saturday. coming up next, the chef from one of new york's hottest restaurants, revealing the secrets that every cook should know.
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
welcome back. there is a hugely popular restaurant in brooklyn called franny's, which is so good. it serves traditional southern italian dishes. people line up out the door for. the restaurant has a book. "fanny's." john madler, executive chef, joins us now. there are three things that are grandma's favorites, the twists. >> three, big secrets. >> is there one under here? are we going to start here? >> let's start under here. >> it's actually stale bread. >> quintessential to the grandma kitchen. two metal bowls and a fork. people throw it out. it's perfect for croutons. put it at the bottom of a bowl. you have a perfect meal. people spend money on kitchen equipment.
8:50 am
you need a fork. mashed potatoes. smash up zucchini. can't go wrong with a simple fork. >> wow. it's that easy. >> it's that easy. and people say, i need to make bread crumbs. you have rcroutons in your freezer. you take another metal bowl. and you just -- >> mash it up. >> it's a great thing for the kids to do. makes a lot of noise. >> people are like, wow, a crout crouton. >> it is amazing. >> first of all, beautiful. this is beautiful. >> it is beautiful. so, we have cherry tomato crostina. there's some red grape. any mix of colors will do. all we do is add olive oil to this. >> magic olive oil. >> and cannot go wrong. little salt. cracked black pepper.
8:51 am
we're going to toss this around. and once you toss this around, on to a baking sheet. >> okay. >> in your oven, 250 degrees, two hours. >> two hours. >> then, you turn it down to 200. á >> is three hours total. you get that started. josh, would you mind giving me a hand? >> brush it up. >> brush the bread with more olive oil. put that under the broiler. nice and toesty. once it comes out, take a clove of garlic. you don't need butter. just scrape it across. there you go. we have beautiful ricotta cheese. and you mix that around. >> you get out of the ingredients' way. >> so easy. >> if you wouldn't mind mixing that up. i'm going to take some of the toast that's already made. and some of the ricotta cheese. and we put some ricotta cheese,
8:52 am
right on top. >> i really hated this. >> that's what we're going for. >> beautiful leaves of fresh basil. and tomatoes left over. that's crucial. and finish it with some of that oil. >> get it on there. right on top there. and then, we take a little of the oil left over. and that goes over everything. and the final touch. >> yeah. >> a little bit of fresh sea salt. >> somebody has to do it. >> tell me about the pasta. >> just regular dried pennpenne. fresh zucchini. >> what a great -- >> these arey=ãamazing. >> and crosata.
8:53 am
>> the restaurant is franny's. we'll be right back.
8:54 am
8:55 am
again, we want to thank john adler and franny's. coming up tomorrow, the wanted in central park. and congratulations, ginger zee. >> have a great day, everybody.
8:56 am
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
good morning, i'm eric thomas. we have breaking news out of sonoma county involving the death of a former high-ranking official in the san francisco police department. the iteam has confirmed retired assistant chief killed himself outside a sheriff's substation last night. he was on the force for 32 years. we'll have more on this story on our news at midday. right now mike nicco has the forecast. >> all right, eric. thank you very much. good morning, everybody. sunshine by noon everywhere but the coast, partly sunny, mid-60s in san francisco, low- to mid-70s around the bay, upper 70s in the north bay and south bay. we'll hit 80s in the east bay. seven-day forecast, warmest tomorrow, coolest sunday. sue. >> thanks, mike. we have the sig alert in oakland, southbound 880 at oak. gravel truck stuck in lanes new york city estimated time of opening. traffic backing up all the way past 980 and also in the
9:00 am
increase direction as well. you might want to try 580 and we'll follow this announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael." today, big screen sensation emma stone. and from grown-ups two, actor david spade. plus a performance from an amazing 6-year-old drummer. and more memorable moments for york. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] announcer: now here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪

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